Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand With Wireless Keyboard Genuine

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The Alto Cordless Laptop Stand from Logitech is a stand that allows you to more comfortably use your laptop computer at your desk by elevating its viewing angle and providing you with a full-size wireless keyboard. This solution offers a practical and economical alternative to docking stations, standalone monitors, or separate desktop PCs.

Besides acting as an ergonomic device, the stand also serves as a USB hub with three ports. This unit features an elegant slimline black design that will complement the aesthetics of any work environment. It will work with virtually any laptop computer.

Ergonomic Laptop Stand
Improve your viewing angle, posture, and general use of your notebook computer by seating it in this stand and using a traditional keyboard while at your desk.
USB Port
Beyond its functionality as a stand, this unit offers three USB ports.
A minimalist clean black design will match any work environment.