Procizion French Press Coffee Tea Maker 34 oz / 8 Cup (1 Liter) 1000ml

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The French press coffee maker is accepted worldwide as simply the best method for brewing coffee. Our French Press Coffee Maker that makes 34 oz/8 cup (1 Liter) of dark and full-flavored coffee is no exception! This method uses pressure to force coffee to the bottom of an elegant pot after brewing, capturing the concentrated flavors. This is coffee in its purest form.

Coffee has natural oils that preserve and protect its natural and unique flavors. When you use an automatic coffee maker, these oils are absorbed into the paper filters and plastics that make up the machine. After time, they stick to the inner workings of the machine and create a nasty residue that stale and ruins your coffee with a "leftover" flavor. This never happens in a French Press. Here, oils wash away easily, leaving no residue. And unlike a coffee pot, your coffee doesn't burn while it is being kept hot.

Why the Procizion French Press Coffee Maker:

1. Triple filter system: The second screen pushes the first screen to touch the glass tightly all around to catch any tiny grounds which might pass through the first screen and the third screen ensures nothing passes ensuring you will not be picking grounds out of your teeth.

2. Smart design: The carafe is made of durable heat resistant borosilicate glass and the white plastic under the lid is BPA free to protect you from burning your hands when pouring coffee.