Tobacco / Herb Grinder by Bear Luxury Completely Frictionless Rose Gold NEW

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Due to the unique ‘Bear Grinder’ mechanism, modern consumers can finally forget about any residue buildup on the OD of the lid. Crucial innovative factors such as its completely frictionless technology, its magnetized design, and its exclusive quad corner teeth feature – all make our grinder the easiest-and-quickest-to-use flower accessory on the market today.


  • Bearing mechanism providing frictionless rotation and anti-gunk buildup system. 
  • Dual directional cutting blades. 
  • Magnetic second chamber for easy opening and closing. 
  • Weight – 190g / 7oz 
  • Size – Grinder within package is 6.5cm x 4.5cm
First Ever Ball Bearing Grinder On The Market